Immersion vs Slow Drip Coffee – ‘To drip or not to drip’

by Madeline Sherriff

When it comes to the world of coffee it is hard to not get overwhelmed with what device or process is right for you - so we are here to help simplify it all and help you get YOUR ultimate drip along the way. 

Cold brew coffee is historically derived from the immersion process; mixing ground coffee with cool water and leaving the mixture immersed (otherwise known as steeping for some added coffee jargon!) for 12-18 hours. Most loved immersion devices now have a filter in place so the grounds no longer need to be extracted.

Cold brew coffee is much loved for the smoother taste; as it contains about half of the acidity of traditional coffee, the taste is not as bitter and a lot more enjoyable to drink on its own - added bonus is it is a lot gentler on the stomach. 

So how can we get similar results in half the time without dashing to your local cafe?

Introducing our newly popular slow drip method; where you get to play God with your ultimate creation, customising the drop and coffee to water ratio. Do not let the glass tower intimidate you, derived behind all the glass is a super simple and user friendly process; with no specialised equipment needed.

1. It is as simple as inserting your coffee (request grounded for French Press) and topping with filtered water or ice cubes in the top quadrant of the device.

2. Now the fun part - turning the opening of your valve allowing water to flow through the coffee and drip away. This will result in a full bodied coffee imbued with natural sweetness, general rule of thumb the slower the drip the better the drop -  tip: aim for a drop per second, any faster and it could result in a more diluted concentrate. 

3. Added bonus - no sweetener or milk is needed to balance the bitterness. But it is your coffee, your choice! Feel free to pair with any milk or sweetener of choice.

Now enjoy!